who knew Long Beach was cool

Some might know Long Beach as having one of the largest shipping ports in the world. Other might know it to be the birthplace of Tiger Woods, Sublime and Snoop Dogg.


When I went to college in the L.A. area I honestly had no reason or curiosity to venture out to these parts.

Well, I’m graduated, living in San Diego and FINALLY had a reason to go! aka a free ride to L.A. and good friends to meet up with.

My friend Natalie and I have been friends since freshman year of college. We were known for going to chapel in our PJs (it was early OKAAAY!) and blasting Alanis Morissette in the car.

photo 5

Anyways, so Natalie met up with me and we adventured in Long Beach all day and hey, it’s pretty cool!

Here’s a list of 5 top spots in Long Beach

  • Blackbird Cafe
    Coffee and a club sandwich go good together right? I’ll take that as a yes. My food combos never make sense but I sure loved this place! Vintage boutique stores on all sides too. Take a look while you wait for your table or after you’re done eating. That inspired us….
  • Garage Sale Saturday
    Nat needed a new project and new furniture pieces for her room so what’s better than roaming the neighborhood for sales?! We hit the JACKPOT! It’s been awhile since I’d been to or had a garage sale and Saturday is THE day! So many sales, met nice people, found a few pieces (Pottery Barn table for $20 SCORE!), and even stumbled upon Ferris Bueller’s neighborhood.
  • 4th Street
    Super trendy spot a friend told us about to do some vintage shopping and thrifting. Even though we didn’t eat there (so full from earlier) there were some suuuuper cuuuute restaurants in the area. We fell in love with some boutiques and hipster coffee shops.
    photo 2_2 photo 3_2
  • Time to Cruise
    Long Beach is the major port for shipping boats and cruse ships in LA. I’ve never boarded a cruise from CA, being from TX and all, but I’ve known people to go on fabulous cruises to Mexico, Hawaii, and Catalina Island. Natalie and I accidently drove to the Queen Mary, an old stationed cruise ship that is now a museum, hotel, and restaurant. Not sure I would ever stay on a boat if I didn’t wake up somewhere tropical the next day but hey, whatever floats your boat (I got jokes!!)
  • Shoreline Village
    We ended our day at Shoreline Village, which was SUPER touristy but amazing people watching and sooo entertaining. You gotta understand that Long Beach is a major port city so these cruise ships are in and out everyday. This place was filled with arcades, funnel cakes, and photo booths to say the least. Cool part was that you can rent sailboats, bikes, and even do sunset cruises, so there ARE positive activities that come from this area 🙂

    photo 4We ended our day with watermelon wheat beer and a great dinner with even more friends. Cheers!


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