Local Brew.

Mkay so I’m slightly addicted to caffeine. Coffee, tea, energy drinks, you name it.

SIDE NOTE: I started buying Hansen’s energy drinks. All natural so they’re not full of all that gross crap and they’re yummy! All about it!

I’m extremely anemic, meaning I don’t get enough iron in my body. Nothing too weird. Tons of women suffer from this deficiency. Because of this I can get sluggish really fast, I am ALWAYS able to take a nap, aka my energy level is at a low compared to others my age. So I kinda act like an old lady at times. That’s why caffeine (as well as iron pills) really really helps me!

I wish I could say I liked my coffee black but that’s a taste bud I just can’t seem to find. So I guess my boyfriend is cooler than me in that sense. Bring on the creamer!

I LOVE finding new super trendy coffee shops. I love the decor, the rustic vibes, and the smell of freshly ground beans. I could sit at a cool shop all day reading and people watching. That’s my thing. See, I really AM an old lady.

As everyone knows, San Diego is an awesome city. It’s a city that has culture, cozy neighborhoods, a crazy downtown scene, and it’s extremely trendy right now. Neighborhoods like Hillcrest (my hood), North Park, South Park, and University Heights are tearin it up with this trendy hipster factor. This automatically means A+ restaurants and cafes. Expect me to post an occasional local post here and there because I just can’t help it.

Adams Ave. is the main street in the Normal Heights/University Heights neighborhood, which is pretty much the mecca for antique shops, hole in the wall barbers, under the radar restaurants and of course COFFEE.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is where I stopped today. Pure yumminess. Cold brew coffee, 2 Splendas (judge all you want) and creme and I am one happy girl.

photo 1_4     photo 4_2

Cold brew is definitely the way to go because it has the kick of espresso but without the bitterness at the end that some iced coffees have. It goes down smooth.

Great logo, great little storefront, awesome tunes, and a super coffee educated staff. Now that’s what I like to see! You can even purchase a cold brew growler for $20, which will give you about 6 cups of bomb coffee and last for 2 weeks in the fridge. When you’re done come and get a refill for $15. I’ve heard of the beer growler concept but am obsessed with the new twist. I’d rather have coffee than beer any day.

photo 3_4    photo 2_3

If you’re ever in the SD area, make sure to check this spot out. It’s on point!

PS: The annual Adams Avenue street fair is in about a month. I’ll be there.


Where should I go next for a cup of joe? You tell me 🙂